Yankees Offense Wakes Up


In the previous game, the Yankees offense was, for the most part, asleep at the wheel. You can thank Brian Matusz for that.

Fortunately for the Yankees, Brad Bergesen, Phil Hughes’ former High School teammate, did not have his best stuff as he lasted only 2.2 innings before getting the hook by manager of the year candidate Dave Trembley.

Although by the time the Bergesen was pulled, all the damage had been done and the Yankees coasted on the arms of Hughes and Gaudin (take that Logan!) to victory.

Of course, this has all been overshadowed by one event:

joyce.jpg At least Joe West isn’t being thought of anymore…


After a nice weekend of baseball…

…beer and BBQ’ing we all snap back to reality. I realize that I haven’t been here for the past 4 days (if any of you noticed), but their was baseball and was it glorious…for the most part.

The Cleveland Indians were in town for the first time this season and for the most part, the series went pretty well for most people.

Exhibit 1: David Huff

Huff HeadRodriguez hit Huff in the head with a line drive during Saturday’s game and Huff was forced to leave the game on a cart. Luckily for him and A-Rod he will make his next scheduled start. A-Rod even contacted him after the game to see if he was already. Man, is that A-Rod guy a class act.

Exhibit 2: Joba Chamberlain

Joba UnhappyAnother late inning appearance by Joba and he allows more runs to score than outs recorded. Do we really want this man to replace Mariano when he departs us? When is Joakim Soria’s contract up exactly?

Other than those poor souls enduring a bad weekend, it’s been rather good for other players.

Exhibit 1: Robinson Cano

Cano.jpgHard to have a bad weekend when you hit .588 with 2 homeruns and 10 RBI’s. Amirite?

Exhibit 2: Nick Swisher

swisher.jpgNick had a wonderful weekend too as he hit .500 with one long ball and 3 RBI’s.

Next victim?


2 outta 3 ain’t bad

“My first few games early in the season, I wasn’t battling as well as I did today,” Vazquez said. “The first couple innings were the two that hurt me the most, because I didn’t make good pitches.”

I guess that’s something to note, eh? What else is of note the fact that they have only scored 15 runs over the last 6 games, less than 3 per game! In yesterday’s game, Jason Kubel outscored the Yankees!

2 homeruns and 5 rbis by Kubel truly did in the Yankees last night. 3 of those RBIs came against new/old Yankee, Chad Guadin. Despite his early season troubles, it’s good that the Yankees brought him back and only have to account for the pro-rated player minimum for him. I am sure he is happy to be back.
Looking forward to the next few series the Yankees have coming at them it seems as they are about to hit the soft underbelly of their schedule. 
They play the Indians, Orioles (twice), Blue Jays and Astros before playing Philly and the Mets. I’d say it’s about time for the Yankees to pick it up before the going gets tough and they find themselves behind the 8 ball again.
I’m thinking I will bench Fausto on my fantasy team tonight. I don’t feel the Yankees lineup will be too kind to him….

Twin Killing and More!

How much better could yesterday get? We start the day off with the el Capitan winning the game with a solo shot in the 6th and ending the 2nd game with Swisher hitting a homerun to a portion of Target Field many people don’t hit to.

swish fist.jpeg
DId you know the Yankees did not drive in a runner in scoring position in either of their two wins today? I didn’t even notice, especially with Pettitte pitching a great game against the Twinkies.
On top of the Twin killing is the fact that Curtis Granderson may make his return after injuring his groin.
Although, I have some bad news to tell you all…
Boone Logan has been sacrificed so that Chad Gaudin could be resigned. Unfortunately Boone was not sacrificed to the gods, but to AAA. One day Boone, one day…
…next up we have Javy Vazquez trying for a 3rd good start in a row, will he get it? I have a feeling he will.

So Much For Quiet Off Days….

hidekiirabu.gifThe Fat Toad apparently is fat on alcohol….

Former New York Yankees pitcher Hideki Irabu was arrested for alleged drunken driving in suburban Los Angeles.

Gardena police Lt. Steve Prendergast says Irabu was stopped May 17 when officers saw him drifting outside traffic lanes and he nearly collided with a parked car.

Records show the 41-year-old Irabu, who lives in Rancho Palos Verdes, posted $5,000 bail.

Prendergast says prosecutors will decide what specific charge will be filed against Irabu when results of his blood test are received in about a month.

Irabu pitched for the Yankees, Montreal Expos and Texas Rangers from 1997 to 2002.

He returned to Japan and the Kochi Fighting Dogs in 2009 before suffering a knee injury.

An attorney for Irabu could not be located and there is no phone listing for him. (Source)

Apparently ESPN couldn’t lead the story with ‘former Montreal Expos pitcher.’ Wonder what the Boss would say about this.

Ortiz Should Shut His Mouth

Tuesday, David Ortiz killed a Red Sox rally vs. the Yankees when he was thrown out at second after he had to interrupt
his home run pose to run. Ortiz often chooses to pose first, run second.
Thursday, on Boston’s WEEI radio, Ortiz ripped the media because
they’ve never played the game. … You’ve never hit before in your
life, ever. … I’m right here, working hard, doing my thing.
” (Source)

Subway Series In One Word


How else can I say it? We saw the man who we almost traded for dominate the once mighty Yankees lineup for 7 innings and watched as their bullpen almost gave it right back! I guess it’s important to remember that the Yankees did show some life after all and the Yankees did face two pretty good pitchers. It wasn’t like they were facing Gil Meche.

…and how many times do we have to see Boone F’n Logan?

Seriously. Joe’s man crush on Boone has run its course. When everyone is healthy, sending Boone down is the smartest thing to do. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks this.

Oh, how about that change up Phil Hughes is sporting?

Hughes ChangeUps
Wait, so he’s only throw 13 change ups (1.6% of all his pitches)? I feel jipped. >:[

Either way, Phil Hughes hasn’t been on top of his game for a few starts, which is a good and bad thing.

We get to see him try to grind out his problems which is good, but the fact that he’s not doing well, isn’t good.

Sabathia is going to need to figure out his issues as well as he is not helping the team.

Sweaty CCI know how you feel big man, I know how you feel. Luckily the Yankees have a day off (FINALLY) and are traveling to Target Field to take on the M&M brothers.

Target fieldSee everybody Tuesday!

…except for you Boone Logan

Posada Hits DL; Cervelli Fans Rejoice

From Mark Feinsand:

Jorge Posada will miss the next 3-4 weeks after an MRI revealed a
hairline fracture on the bottom of his right foot. Posada took a foul
ball off his foot on Sunday, and while he had hoped to return to action
this week, the pain lingered longer than a bone bruise typically does.

Cervelli HappyThat’s how Cervelli feels inside today.